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Cessation Resources for Students

Follow these simple steps and use the resources below to ensure that you are successful in your journey to a tobacco-free you.

  • Make the decision to quit and stick to it
  • Set a quit date and make a plan
  • Select resources and choose quit aids
  • Plan how you will deal with withdrawal and relapse
  • Maintain and enjoy a tobacco-free lifestyle

Campus quit partners

  • Student Health Services: Visit Student Health Services to get more information about your options for quitting. A doctor or nurse practitioner can evaluate you, recommend the tobacco cessation method that is the best choice for you, and write a prescription for it if needed.
  • Counseling Services Center: Staff are available to support you in making a decision to quit tobacco, identify what assistance you need to quit, explain on- and off-campus quit resources and connect you to these resources

Community quit partners

  • Louisiana no-smoke: State-based smoking information, policies, and updates
  • Quit with Us, LA: Provides information on how to quit, health care provider resources, stories from others
  • Louisiana Tobacco Quitline: Free coaching and support through certified quit coaches who work with each caller to develop a personalized quit plan, 24/7 support to keep you on track and medications. State employees qualify for up to five scheduled coaching sessions as well as web-based tobacco cessation services through the Quitline’s Web Coach Program.

National quit partners